Alaska fortunate to have Sen. Stevens

Posted: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

You can't unring a bell; our loss is someone else's gain. The 40 years our beloved Sen. Stevens served Alaska have been some of our most prosperous. The voters' faithfulness and trust in returning him to Washington was rewarded greatly and nearly beyond comprehension. Now we must sit and wonder just what Alaska and America have lost. Here we go into the most challenging times our country has faced in recent history, and our most sage and knowledgable representative is sidelined and stripped of power. To best him honorably and fairly would be one thing, but to cheat and smear him is another. To unfairly take from Alaska our most highly ranking senator and leave us a freshman feel-good contender is a rip-off. Someone stoled our place in line, our heritage as a free state to paticipate in governing ourselves has been insulted. Who gains when America loses? This is just one of those events that cause us to truely value our freedom and our vote.

Will someone try to compensate Alaska for what we lost? Though we may have difficulty comprehending just what we lost, there is someone figuring that out right now. I am very pleased the local jerks calling for the renaming of "Ted Stevens International Airport" will have to eat those wishes. But most of all today I would like to express my humble appreciation to the man whose life's work has meant so much to Alaska. I have a feeling our senator will continue to lead, and Alaska is very lucky to have been blessed bye such a dedicated public servant. The next few days will be fun to watch unfold and unravel just like the alegations against Sen. Stevens have.

Thanks again "Good and Faithful Servant," you sir have been a great blessing to this State and Nation. It does my heart good to see you vindicated. To those that rejoiced in your demise remember, "What goes Around, Comes back Around."

Dennis Barnard


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