Health care vote disappointing

Posted: Wednesday, April 07, 2010

As a small employer, informed citizen and voter, I am extremely disappointed with the outcome of the latest healthcare vote. The facts are clear: this new law will raise, not lower, insurance costs and it will increase both taxes and the cost of doing business for the very people they said they wanted to help - small businesses. This is not the reform we asked for or can afford.

Not only does this healthcare law spend $900 billion we don't have, but it's paid for on the backs of small employers. It dumps disproportionate costs and mandates on small businesses, and provides unfair exemptions for big corporations and labor unions.

The new healthcare law is filled with huge tax increases, confusing rules, complicated formulas and perverse incentives for small businesses to grow. It leaves small businesses wondering what they should be doing next. What we do know is the combination of this uncertainty and these new costs isn't encouraging job growth during this unprecedented recession.

We need lawmakers who understand that small businesses are vital to our economic recovery and will take the hard votes to protect the interests of small businesses. Maybe then our nation's job creators wouldn't have to worry so much about the agenda being pursued in Washington and can get back to running their business and helping to get our economy on-track.

Bill Wood


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