Weekend rallies support Troops

Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Not since the attacks of 9-11 has there been such a patriotic display at the "Y" in Soldotna. Debbie Hoffman held a picture of her son who is presently serving in Korea. "Being a proud Mom, I came to support all those wonderful young men and women fighting for us and the freedom of others," said Hoffman, whose daughter Deedee will also be leaving to serve in the U.S. Air Force July 1st. "I'm looking forward very much to going to serve, and knowing that the people back home support me means a lot," said Deedee.

Retired Master Sergeant Larry Brown stood holding the Stars and Stripes and commented, "I'm here to support my country, my President, my government and the troops. I've got relatives over there right now and they are defending our way of life. What they are doing is right, and what our country is doing is right and that's why I'm here."

As horns honked in support of the rally, families with pets and young children waved and smiled back. 5-year-old Annie asked her grandpa to make her a sign that said, "Annie loves America," which she waved with her family. "I feel that it's really important to rally behind our troops and our President at a time like this. They are over there fighting so that we can gather freely here today and I appreciate that," Annie's proud mother said.

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