KSRA not focusing enough on mission of conservation

Posted: Thursday, April 08, 2004

From the Peninsula Clarion on March 29, Rep. Kelly Wolf asks many questions of KRSA. There has been no response. Recently they gave the stamp of approval to a new fish board appointee, a Bristol Bay lodge owner. In the Peninsula Clarion on March 31, Ricky Gease talks about genetic diversity yet KRSA endorsed slot limits on early Kenai kings, targeting one age group or genetic component of these declining stocks. There is more talk about healthy habitat yet there is no wake study, follow-up on zero net loss of habitat, erosion expands, ecoli, fecal matter and hydrocarbons have spiked dramatically; so what measures has KRSA taken to counteract these negative impacts?

Past proposals by KRSA have been all about allocation. Construction of boardwalks is about access and not habitat. Once again, fish do not spawn on boardwalks. These are monuments to spawning habitat now lost, KRSA is about access, allocation and a not so latent political agenda. Like charity, conservation begins at home. Gease spouts lofty rhetoric but more importantly what proposals will KRSA submit for the 2005 regulatory cycle? Certainly this will be more telling than the widening credibility gap.

At least Gease is consistent in his misalignment of ideals and actions by his organization, inviting the world to a hook and release, slot limit fishery and having a derby on declining stocks is access, opportunity, exploration, not conservation.

John McCombs


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