Nikiski grapplers take 1st at own tourney

Posted: Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Nikiski freestyle wrestling team won the Nikiski Freestyle Wrestling Tournament held on March 27. Fifty-one of Nikiski's 84 participants earned medals. The results are as listed below:

Pre-Bantam: 40 -- Dakota Daniels, 2nd place, Logan Dawson, 5th place, Canon Spinka, 6th place; 45A -- Truit McCaughey, 2nd place, Monte Freeman, 3rd place; 45B -- T.J. Anderson, 4th place; 50 -- Dwyght Mullins, 5th place, Colton Dunham, 6th place; 55 -- Jakob Brown, 3rd place, Simon Grenier, 4th place, Drew Handley, 5th place, Braedon Porter, 6th place; 60 -- Kobe McCaughey, 2nd place.

Bantam: 45 -- Tyler Woodworth, 2nd place; 50A -- Noah Litke, 2nd place, Maison Dunahm, 4th place; 50B -- Dyle Malston, 3rd place, Jaryn Zoda, 4th place; 55A -- Devin Carr, 3rd place, Austin Freeman, 4th place; 55B -- DAlton Lewis, 6th place; 55C -- Tucker Vann, 1st place; 60A -- Zachery Burnett, 1st place, Koleman McCaughey, 2nd place; 60B -- Michael Mysing, 5th place, Trevor Mysing, 8th place; 70 -- Mya Spinka, 2nd place, Benjamin Spinka, 3rd place, Caleb Mysing, 4th place; 75+ -- Gabriel Hyder, 4th place.

Intermediate: 55 -- Martin Cox, 4th place; 60A --Kameron Maxie, 3rd place; 60B --Gabriel Smith, 2nd place, Malcolm Yerkes, 5th place; 65A --Jacob Anderson, 3rd place, Troy Gilbert, 6th place, Ryker Dukowitz, 8th place; 65B -- Kaitlyn Johnson, 2nd place, Dylan O'Brien, 7th place; 70A -- Titus Riddall, 3rd place; 70B -- Zackery Tuttle, 1st place, Brock Sarks, 5th place; 75 -- Rykker Riddall, 2nd place, Dustin Mullins, 4th place, Hamilton Cox, 8th place; 87 -- Byron Dunham, 4th place; 103 -- Cody Handley, 2nd place, Tyler Litke, 3rd place.

Novice: 70 -- Zebadiah Kovelda, 1st place, Donovan Smith, 5th place, Tyler Olsen, 6th place; 90A -- Nicholas Gross, 1st place, Chase Gillies, 4th place; 90B -- Dalton Mullins, 4th place; 95A -- Nathan Carstens, 1st place; 95B -- Ian Johnson, 1st place, Alex Langseth, 3rd place; 120 -- Warren Gage, 5th place, Thayne Schweitzer, 6th place.

Schoolboy/girl: 77 -- Logan Griffel, 2nd place; 91 --Tylor Handley, 2nd place, Rory Hoeldt, 3rd place; 98 -- Gregory Brown, 3rd place; 105 -- David Kovelda, 2nd place; 120 -- Zane Green, 2nd place, Bella Fiore, 4th place; 152 -- Brendon Colton, 3rd place; 160 -- Luke Johnson, 1st place.

Cadet: 98 -- Dakoda Neely, 2nd place; 112 -- Trey Zimmerman, 7th place; 119 -- Troi West, 1st place; 130 -- Michael Stangel, 1st place, Mike Olsen, 2nd place; 152 -- Josh Brown, 2nd place; 160 -- Floyd Armstrong, 1st place; 171 -- Lincoln Johnson, 2nd place; 189 -- Jesse Eide, 2nd place; 285 -- Henry Eide, 1st place.

Junior: 135 -- Nathan Stangel, 2nd place; 145 -- Corey Green, 1st place, Matt Parker, 2nd place; 152 -- Kaden Spurgeon, 1st place, Tyler Peek, 2nd place; 160 -- Dylan Berry, 1st place.

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