On 'The Borgias,' and why newspapers are failing

Posted: Friday, April 08, 2011

On the front page of last Sunday's TV Select we see a full-page advertisement for the movie, "The Borgias." To dwell myopically on Alexander the VI, the worst of 265 popes, and his family, amounts to pure, unadulterated anti-Catholicism. What other reason could there be for making the movie? I would like to warn Catholics, who, by the way, know as little about the church as those outside of it, but since my last three factual letters have gone in the wastebasket and since the Clarion advertises the movie, my letter will probably not be printed. I thought newspaper editors were supposed to print information other than meaningless horoscopes or trivial thank-you letters. Maybe that's why so many newspapers have gone out of business.

Lyle Cole, Kasilof

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