Alaskans in need of militia

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2010

For years I've known that we as Alaskans have been in need of an "unorganized, well regulated militia." The true purpose of a militia is to protect and assist our community in times of need. These needs can arise from many kinds of disaster, be they generated by our government or natural types we need to prepare.

Contrary to popular (though misguided) belief, we aren't a bunch of gun-toting rednecks. We care deeply for God and country. Not everyone has to carry a firearm, although it's encouraged.

We want people from all walks of life. Getting people to communicate and network is the best way we can be "well regulated." People with trades and skills from commercial fishermen, construction workers, medical personnel to people that can sew, can, smoke meats, etc.

By everyone pitching in it makes our community more self-sufficent, which means less needs for outside goods. By networking and preparing now, then as a community we will not just survive, but live beyond any catastrophe. It's always smarter to prepare for a test that you know is on the horizon.

Peter Baerresen


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