Rescue drill a great opportunity

Posted: Friday, April 09, 2010

I want to thank everyone involved in the March 27th search and rescue training exercise.

It was a great opportunity to work with the troopers, CES, NES, and other agencies to assess the readiness and assets available in case of an actual incident.

For those unaware, our search and rescue coordinator, Mr. Rick Northey, did a fine job in organizing the event that used multiple agencies as well as volunteer searchers from the Cabin Hoppers and Snowmads from Homer. There were three different scenarios that included two lost/overdue snowmachiners, a snowmachine wreck with injuries and a lost searcher with injuries.

It all played out really well. We had several search teams looking for the overdue riders in the high country that were eventually found at the "Green Cabin" swamp. Meanwhile a medic crew hauled the injured riders from Jessie's trail to the well pad where Ninilchik Emergency Services treated them. The injured rescue person was to be flown out with Life Guard Alaska from an area in the high country near Glory Hole, however a real life injury in Willow prevented the use of the Life Guard flight, so the injured was transported by rescue sled.

This was a very good practice scenario and alot was learned by this event. We are hoping to make this an annual event and learn what we can do as a club to better the odds of a quick and ready response to the needs of all those who ride in the Caribou Hills.

A huge success key, is the involvement of the many volunteer searchers. If I were lost, disabled or especially if injured or hypothermic, I would want as many people looking for me as soon as possible!

It is the goal of our club to make recreating in Caribou Hills safe and enjoyable for all. Thanks again to Rick Northey for planning this event and for all those local agencies and volunteers who made this event a success and Caribou Hills a better place to play.

Steve Attleson

Cabin Hoppers President

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