Reader: Voters against taxes are patriots, not terrorists

Posted: Monday, April 10, 2006

In a recent Clarion article, the borough mayor was so bold as to call a group of individuals that put a measure on the ballot to repeal the additional 1 percent sales tax “domestic terrorists.” This tax increase was proposed and awaited implementation without voter approval, contrary to Alaska state law.

The mayor complains we took money away from the borough that it needs. The fact is, we took nothing away from the borough they didn’t already have.

What 57 percent of the voters said was “no more.” Not until you get your spending under control. It was done through the democratic process we enjoy in this country, just like the mayor enjoyed with his own election.

We are told that’s why we have our military in Iraq — to liberate a people and bring them democracy. It’s a process that was won with blood here long ago. The few who helped to liberate this country were called patriots, and in some ways are looked upon as heroes.

Times have changed, however, as a few who stood up for what they felt was a good cause to ease the oppression of taxation have been accused of terrorism. Others joined in the cause, and I was just one of the near supermajority that exercised my right to vote, voting against the increase. But, I am no terrorist!

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names like terrorist just might get me put on a federal watch list, or maybe even detained in our post-Sept. 11 era. That’s a pretty serious and inappropriate accusation.

So, if 57 percent of the October voters that voted down the sales tax increase are terrorists, what does that make the mayor?

Susan Williams


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