Reader: Pendulum always swings back

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2009

We have just emerged from eight years of the dark ages. W. and the neocons had complete control of the government and direction of this country for the last eight years. They raped our military, bankrupted our economy, and destroyed any creditability we had with the rest of the world. They abandoned science, lined the pockets of their friends, and paid for it all with our grandchildren's inheritance. Like our current Alaskan administration, they handed out lucrative appointments as favors, without regard to qualifications, thus creating the perfect storm for government to fail; proving their point that government is not qualified to do the important jobs.

The voters totally rejected their philosophies last November. The pendulum now swings the other way. We now have an intelligent, articulate president that is already winning over the rest of the world while he actually fulfills his campaign promises. Mark Begich was elected because he represented Alaska's version of rejection of the last eight years, not because of Ted Stevens legal difficulties.

So, after watching eight years of moronic posturing and systematic destruction of our government, I say "Shut up and get out of the way." The pendulum always comes back, you must wait because it's our turn now.

Troy Wise


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