Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alaskans in need of militia
For years I've known that we as Alaskans have been in need of an "unorganized, well regulated militia." The true purpose of a militia is to protect and assist our community in times of need. These needs can arise from many kinds of disaster, be they generated by our government or natural types we need to prepare.

Rescue drill a great opportunity
I want to thank everyone involved in the March 27th search and rescue training exercise.

Shuttered for the summer?: Kenai Landing owner upset with city operations
An owner of Kenai Landing said it might not open for business this summer due, in part, to alleged competition for his business from the city of Kenai.

Independent Light a good plan for HEA members
What experience or expertise would you bring to the board?

'Communing with nature': Early season fishing not just about the bite
After months of changing out lines and tying new flies to pass away the winter months, another fishing season has begun, and last weekend in Cooper Landing numerous anglers took to the waters of the upper Kenai River in pursuit of trout.

Gulls' return signifies the first days of spring
On a recent Friday afternoon, we were viewing the NEXRAD radar images from the Kenai station on the National Weather Service Web page. My co-worker and I noticed some peculiar bands crossing Prince William Sound between Middleton Island and Whittier. At the time we were just a little intrigued and I told him they looked suspicious. It looked like we might be watching the first waves of waterfowl making their way to Alaska. I have looked at these signatures before and there is a lot of quality work being done around the country, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, where researchers have used radar to track large movements of song birds making landfall in the gulf-states like Louisiana and Texas. In most of those cases the birds travel at night, so you typically see them make landfall just before first light and then just after sunset you see a large exodus on the radar on an otherwise perfectly clear night.

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