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Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Trail would not hurt wildlife, if people, pets did not stray

I have lived near the Kenai River flats area since before the bridge and Bridge Access Road were constructed in the early 1970s. The highway has been resurfaced and the bridge has undergone major upgrade work, underground utility work has been done alongside the road.

Thousands of trucks, cars, buses, motor homes, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicycle riders use this road and its shoulders annually. Hundreds of boats buzz up and down the river.

I have seen dozens of vehicles stopped alongside the road and many people out of their vehicles observing and photographing migrating birds and other wildlife. Yet the waterfowl, moose, caribou and other wildlife still use the area regularly.

According to comments by biologists in an April 2 Peninsula Clarion article, a paved bike-hiking trail alongside the road could cause migrating birds and other wildlife to stop using this area. With all due respect for these biologists, I would have to disagree.

I don't think the trail would be detrimental to wildlife as long as people and their pets were required to stay on the pavement.

I think this trail would be an asset to the community and a safety factor for those pedestrians and bicycle riders that now must use the shoulder of the road as a trail.

Lawrence Croft, Kenai

Homer Electric Association board in need of new blood, fresh ideas

Prior to the Norm Story regime, candidates for the Homer Electric Association board of directors would appear before the various local organizations to present their resumes and answer questions on what their board performance would accomplish. Since that time, this procedure no long exists.

The board of HEA has become entrenched; some board members serving near and over 20 years. For any organization to excel, new blood and fresh ideas are a necessity. It would appear that the current members of the HEA board are trying to make a lifetime career of serving on this board. It is truly time for a change. Let's vote these incumbents out and get the new blood and ideas that are needed.

Vote "Yes" for Proposition No. 1. This bylaw should have been changed five years ago. It is an example of needed change.

Vote "Yes" for Proposition No. 2.

Vote "No" on Proposition No. 3. The membership should not give up its right to vote on affiliated memberships of the cooperative.

Vote "No" on Proposition No. 4. It is utterly foolish to allow the corporation to have an open checkbook. One hundred and fifty million dollars is ample indebtedness or liability. The cap and Article VI should be retained. Should a higher cap be needed, there will be plenty of time for a vote of the members.

Roy E. Hoyt Jr., Homer

Timothy McVeigh should be made example for all terrorists

I was appalled by the mocking face of Timothy McVeigh on the cover of my latest copy of "Newsweek" and was no less relieved when I read the excerpt of his apologia, "The American Terrorist."

His worthless life in trade for the 168 innocent Americans is not much of a deal. To make his last days humane if not as pleasant as possible by providing him access to the cable TV, newsprint, telephone, writing materials and the freedom to use the exercise yard as well the camaraderie of his fellow prisoners is an undeserved sanction that few, if any, would honor.

The fact that he is not contrite and no apology can be expected means closure for the victims and all American people is not possible. In this era of domestic terrorism, it would be appropriate to take this current, latest and greatest outrage and make it an example for all aspiring devotees of terrorism.

We should at the very least try to make the punishment befitting of the crime. To allow these demons to ease out of their unwanted life like "wrapping the draperies of their couch about them and lying down to pleasant dreams" is by no measurement a befitting punishment.

I deeply feel that we should take a cue from our Pilgrim fathers who used the "public stocks" to aid in advertising their displeasure of unsociable acts.

I humbly suggest that McVeigh be put on public display in an open cage with no more than bread and water in downtown Oklahoma City until he is contrite and everyone forgives him.

Then, and only then, can we have closure and feel comfortable in praying for his soul.

Evan Cundiff, Homer

Unions help people better themselves, their families

I would like to ask the people that oppose the unions if they are going to be big enough to stand up and give back the increased wages and increased insurance coverage and the retirement if the union gets in?

I'll bet they don't.

They claim they are happy with what they have now, but they will be the first in line to take what someone else fights to get.

These people can't believe they will receive all these increased benefits because in reality they shouldn't. They don't deserve them. Personally, I hope these people continue to seek out the nonunion jobs and stick with them.

There is a certain percentage of the work force that turns out substandard work and substandard productivity. They need to stick together and work together. If they don't think enough of themselves to want to better themselves and the lives of their families, that should be their choice.

By the same token they shouldn't stand in the way of the people that do have enough self pride to at least try to better themselves.

Oh, Mr. Keller, we know that you are not in Kentucky and for this we are truly sorry.

Brian Utell, Nikiski

Unions will promise whatever it takes to win workers' votes

I have had the privilege of working and being part of a company family that does care for its employees! The company, of course, is Peak.

I also strongly feel Peak is a company that is worth fighting for! As a lot of people, and employees, have heard, we are in a fight, for our future, to stop from being unionized.

Like a lot of past companies, we at Peak don't want to become another grave marker in the unions' trail of failure! I feel that any union could not do anything to improve our company's relationship with us. I feel our company is honest and very open with us.

This feeling for our company is the main reason for us, the employees, to start a committee against unionization! The neither/no committee is saying neither the 302 or Teamsters should be involved with our lives, or our company's!

They promise higher pay, pension plans, vacations, A cards or whatever it takes to win your vote! Pretty heavy on the word promise!

Why not use the word promise like this: "Your union will promise to build another Las Vegas!" Better yet, "Your union will promise to take your dues!"

Not amazingly, from 1996-1997 almost 70 percent of the companies that did go union, now wish they would never have played the wheel of fortune! Don't be fooled by the union salesmen when trying to get your vote. We can make a difference!

Fight the foe. Vote neither/no for our company, our future, our security.

Brian Templeton, Kenai

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