Politicians pro-education until it comes time to fully fund it

Posted: Friday, April 11, 2003

Oh, how often politicians forget the promises they make to the people when it comes to our children's needs and education. They are very good at making and breaking promises to the general public in order to get elected. These made and broken promises come all the way down the chain from the president of the United States to our state and local elected officials.

Why is it that so many people vote for those who always preach their political vows in a way that says they are the only people who will stand up and fight for the children's rights and needs for their education? They say by electing them they will be the right choice, the person who will in fact stand up and fight for the funding necessary to support our children's needs and education.

Oh, how they often forget.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting real sick and tired of voting for people who lie through their teeth in order to get elected just to fill a seat at our state capital or an assembly seat. People nowadays who run for a state or local political seats will promise you, the voter, and your children everything under the sun in order to get elected, then, once elected, could not care less about you or your children's needs or their education. Governors are no exception.

Oh, how they often forget.

Frank Murkowski is no exception. He is a former banker and still a millionaire and owns a $600,000 home in West Virginia. He could not care less about the middle-class or lower-income people.

You know, and I know, there were a lot of people who were just as much or more qualified to fill Frank Murkowski's Senate seat in Washington than his daughter. Why did Mr. Murkowski not reveal the name of the person who would be replacing him in his Senate seat before being elected?

Simply because he knew that he would not get elected by playing favoritism toward his daughter, Lisa, if he did so. This was why Mr. Murkowski waited until after he was elected, then made his choice and selected his daughter to fill his Senate seat.

Oh, how often we will not forget.

People should not forget the promises Frank Murkowski made to the people while running for the governor's seat. They should think about what Mr. Murkowski said in one of his speeches: The Alaska Permanent Fund was set aside for rainy days, and it's raining now.

There's nothing more Frank Murkowski would rather do while serving out his one term as governor of Alaska than to get the Alaska Permanent Fund completely abolished and put into the hands of our state bureaucrats so they can spend it as they see fit on their pet projects such as more bicycle trails, more fine arts museums and more pet projects which benefit the rich and famous of the high society.

Oh, how we must not forget.

I think the middle-class and lower-income people outnumber the most rich and famous people here in Alaska, and we need not sit back any longer and let our state bureaucrats control our needs, wants and way of thinking especially when it comes to the funding for our children's education.

Our children come first, and if you and I sit back and further let these state bureaucrats keep taking more control from us by chipping away the funding for our children's education, then you and I have no one to blame but ourselves. Let's get real here. You and I have a telephone and-or e-mail, and you and I need to start voicing our opinions right now to our state and local elected officials about their cutting the funding for our children's much needed education.

James Bounds, Kenai

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