Last HooRah! For AWG volunteers

Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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  AWG Mascot Rascal the Raven is served up some tasty barbeque beef at AWG Volunteers party last week

AWG Mascot Rascal the Raven is served up some tasty barbeque beef at AWG Volunteers party last week

More than 2,000 of the 2,800 some Arctic Winter Games volunteers gathered last week at the Soldotna Sports Center for one more memorable event, a final thank you and apparel trading party that was hosted by Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Products, “The community has been so supportive of Agrium over the years, that we saw this as an excellent opportunity to show our appreciation to all those who volunteer and work together to make this such a great place to live and do business,” said Agrium spokesperson Lisa Parker.


Thousands trade game wear and enjoy good food at AWG Volunteer thank you party hosted by Agrium at the Soldotna Sports Center

AWG General Manager Tim Dillon took to the stage to announce the door prize winners and to once again credit the success of the Games to the volunteers “The Kenai Peninsula has put itself on the map as a destination to experience the spirit of the north and warm hospitality. It was a great experience for all of us and I hope people remember that there are other groups, events, and organizations that need volunteers to step up and get involved. Let’s keep this spirit and volunteer fire going on the Peninsula,” said Dillon. AWG Volunteer Michelle Martin went home with a brand new mountain bike complements of Coca-Cola, the official AWG beverage, and Volunteer Roy Smith proclaiming he’d never won anything in his life will bring closure to his Arctic Winter Game experience with a trip for two to Hawaii.


AWG Volunteers of the month Andrew Carmichael and Dave Lowery share a happy memory at final party last week at Soldotna Sports Center.

Lt. Governor Loren Leman returned to the Peninsula once again for the event and expressed personal pride in his home town community, “The Kenai Peninsula and the massive effort you put forth in hosting the 2006 Games has made all Alaska proud. Dignitaries that I meet from around the world continue to comment on the warmth and volunteer effort that made the Games such a great success. You truly released the spirit within,” commented Leman.


Lt. Governor Loren Leman congratulates the 2,800 AWG Volunteers for a great job at last weeks thank you party hosted by Agrium

AWG Volunteer Manager for the last two years Kathy Moore was busy as usual serving ice cream and making sure everybody was getting their prizes, “We got off to a great start, and this is a great ending. It was a hands on learning experience for me, but the Peninsula is my home, I knew the community spirit we had here and I knew we could do it and we just never gave up. It was a we, not an I did it thing, it took a lot of effort from a lot of people and I really am so proud of everybody it’s been a phenomenal experience,” said Moore. Kathy hopes to stay in the local area and continue to work in human resources.


Lucky AWG volunteer Michelle Martin wins a new bike at AWG Volunteer thank you party

The evening featured a beef barbeque prepared by Carrol Martin of Diamond M Ranch and his team of volunteers. “With so many people coming we expected a hot dog, but this was really delicious and I was so hungry, I kept going back for more,” commented a volunteer. The Host Society Board of


AWG General Manager Tim Dillon presents Volunteer Roy Smith with a trip for two to Hawaii at AWG thank you party

Directors having met their financial goals for merchandise sales decided the best use of the remaining game’s wear was to give it away to the volunteers. The idea was to take something and keep trading until you got something that fit or that you wanted to give to someone else. “Trading is so much a part of the Games that it was really great fun,” said Host Society President Dale Bagley. A mountain bike donated by Coca-Cola and a trip to Hawaii for two was also given away as door prizes.


Carrol Martin's team cooked barbeque for 2,000 at last week's AWG Volunteer thank you party hosted by Agrium

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