New fishing opportunities at Sea-of-I.A

Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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  New fishing opportunities at Sea-of-I.A

Miss Becky & Kerri Nelson of C.I.A. float their boat and try some fishing in the new Sea-of-I.A. parking lot.

As spring break-up continues on the Kenai Peninsula mother nature creates a myriad of new lake front opportunities that regularly are used for other services such as parking spaces. Becky Dwinnell and Kerri Nelson of Cook Inlet Academy (C.I.A.) off K-Beach Rd. decided to make the most of what, “The Lord hath made,” last week and donned life jackets and launched their Coleman fishing dingy to demonstrate the schools need for some asphalt. “Actually it’s a way of bringing some attention to our annual spring carnival fund raiser. This year we are trying to raise some money to pave the Sea-of-I.A. so that we can park here rather than go fishing. Last year at the carnival we raised enough to purchase a new piece of playground equipment that cost $23,000. It was a great success and the community really turned out to help us raise the funds, and again this year we are inviting everyone to come out and have some fun fund raising with us,” said Nelson.

The demonstration at the Sea-of-I.A. included elementary school student activists carrying placards reading “Save our teachers help us pave,” “Help our teachers get to work dry,” “Slow wake please,” and “Let’s go swimming.”


New fishing opportunities at Sea-of-I.A

The C.I.A. carnival was held Tuesday April 11th and included lots of comfort foods like pizza and “submarine” sandwiches, as well as a myriad of games and cake walks according to Nelson. For those who missed the carnival but would like to help the C.I.A. pave over the Sea-of-I.A. grand prize raffle tickets can be purchased that include a selection of fine prizes. For more information or to purchase tickets stop by the office at Cook Inlet Academy or call 262-5101 for details.

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