River’s death getting closer?

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The death of the Kenai River is very close on the horizon. It’s all about money, but it is only temporary money. The people in power politics, do not like us old fogies talking about history in the past, and I want to say that every river and every ocean fishery that has been controlled and taken over by the guiding industry has ruined the areas.

Washington and Oregon ocean fishing are about gone. Why? Overfishing and not letting Fish and Game control the catch. Money talks, the little people have no advocate for them. I have a suggestion about how they can have a little say, and that is to sacrifice one year with their two-cycle boat motors and boycott the Kenai River during the two or three weeks of July when all the problems with pollution happen.

Make some signs and do a little marching during this period and then calculate the pollution numbers after this period. The wealthy on the Kenai River board, the guides, the city councils and the lawyers are taking care of their merchants by abolishing the two-cycle engines. I haven’t fished the river in a boat since mine was removed from the river in 1982.

All of you who cannot afford a new motor also will not be fishing the river anyway. Oh well, there won’t be any kings left. I remember when we moved here in the 1970s, the old-timers talking about when the kings were almost extinct in the river. It will happen again.

Paul D. Morrison


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