What Literacy Means To Me

Posted: Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Literacy is a difficult subject for me. When I was a young child fresh from my cloth diapers, I had a hard time learning to read. I can see this same struggle in my little brother Andrew. Andrew is nine years old now and can read and write very well. My brother's struggles were different then mine.

We all struggle through learning to read and write. Unlike my brother, I did not have two older sisters to help me. My parents both worked full time and couldn't help as much as they would have liked to. Since I am the oldest learning to teach a child to read and write was new to my parents. My teacher at school helped, but she also had twenty-nine other students to help as well. Individual attention was what I needed. My teacher saw my struggles and thought the only solution was to hold me back, keep me from going to first grade. My mother refused. She felt that I was behind, but what I was not so far behind that I couldn't catch up.

I continued to struggle until I reached third grade. I had a wonderful teacher who jump-started my interest in school and reading. She gave me the much-needed attention that I was craving. Since then I have read many books and feel that reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I have also found that an active interest in school helped me excel and achieve much higher grades. This brings me great joy, and I believe all those troublesome years were worth it to reach the level that I am now.

Literacy means understanding, patience, and attention. Without these three key elements, I believe literacy would be just a dream.

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