Posted: Wednesday, April 12, 2000

"Literacy is the building blocks to modern day society, everyday life, work and play."

-- Laken L. Langfitt

I use literacy when I e-mail my friends, when I chat with them on the internet, when I let out my feelings in poetic sentences, and when I read of wonderful adventures and romances in books. Literacy keeps me busy when I'm bored, it helps me vent when I'm angry, it helps me learn and helps me teach. Literacy even plays it's part in whether or not people respect me.

If I cannot read or write, people don't bother "wasting" their time on me. How would I cash a check? I would I read a job application or the notes my friends pass to me in class? How would I let others know my opinion if I can't even speak correctly? How would I write a loving letter to my grandmother in Colorado to let her know I care about her? Without literacy the doctor who may operate on a family member would not be successful with his/her job and something could go wrong. Literacy is writing and reading.

Without literacy we wouldn't have schools. Of course you could still write without literacy, but it would probably be just a bunch of scribbles. Even if you could understand it, who else would? Whether we like it or not, there are a lot of high needs children (children who have problems learning) in our society just because they cannot read or write. To me, literacy also means respect. Literacy takes part in so many things in our everyday life. It's like throwing a stone into puddle. It doesn't just drop to the bottom and make a mark in the sand; it creates ripples. Literacy is everywhere and is very important.

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