Friday, April 12, 2002

Man convicted of attempted murder for shooting at neighbor
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A Superior Court jury found a North Pole man guilty of first-degree attempted murder on charges he fired two shots last November at a neighbor who had stopped his truck to say hello.

Fairbanks defense attorney accused of carrying metal knuckles
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A prominent Fairbanks defense attorney has been arrested for producing what authorities called metal fighting knuckles at the beginning of an evidentiary hearing.

Suspect take a plea in toddler's death
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A man originally charged with murdering his girlfriend's 2-year-old son pleaded no contest Wednesday to manslaughter.

BP to ban tourists from road to Arctic Ocean, citing security
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. said it is closing the road that leads through the Prudhoe Bay oil fields to the Arctic Ocean.

Federal grants awarded to help protect juvenile salmon
KENAI (AP) -- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has awarded several grants to Alaska organizations to help protect young salmon from threats like roads, habitat destruction and even other fish.

Investigators find no obvious sign of cause of hotel fire
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A team of investigators has begun to sift through the charred remains of the Aspen Hotel.

Labor chief blasts proposed fish processor deduction
JUNEAU (AP) -- A measure that would allow fish processors to deduct $15 a day from employee paychecks to pay for food and housing in remote areas of Alaska stalled Thursday in a House committee.

Man sought for allegedly helping wife commit suicide
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A man whose wife fatally shot herself last fall at their Talkeetna home is being sought on charges that he intentionally helped her commit suicide.

Labor chief blasts proposed fish processor deduction
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A proposed pay deduction for fish processors is under fire by opponents, including state Labor Commissioner Ed Flanagan.

Hazardous materials crews investigates mystery barrels at missile site
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Workers clearing the ground for a new missile defense system at Fort Greely this week unearthed a cache of rusty, World War II-era barrels that could hold remnants of chemical weapons.

Senate panel takes up bill to build several prisons
JUNEAU (AP) -- A plan to expand the state's already overcrowded prison system garnered support from both community leaders and some lawmakers Wednesday.

National Guard helicopter drops $32,000 snow groomer
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A sudden, dangerous whiteout in the mountains north of Girdwood forced the crew of an Army National Guard helicopter to drop a 3-ton snow groomer being flown to a ski training center on Eagle Glacier.

Sterling man charged in connection with home robbery and assault
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A 27-year-old Sterling man was in custody Wednesday following his arrest after allegedly robbing a home with a another man.

Phillips christening third double-hulled tanker
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Phillips Petroleum Co. is set to christen its third double-hulled oil tanker to ship Alaska crude oil to the Lower 48.

FedEx warns employees to stop feeding moose
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Federal Express issued a memo to its employees Wednesday, urging workers to stop feeding a young, motherless moose that had been hanging around the company's hub at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Fairbanks borough assembly passes ethics ordinance for workers
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- People who work for the Fairbanks North Star Borough will now have to watch their behavior.

Wasilla couple arrested on drug charges
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Two Wasilla residents were arrested after a search of their residence found a methamphetamine lab in operation, Alaska State Troopers said.

Man robbed at gunpoint
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- An Anchorage man was robbed at gunpoint at his front door early Thursday morning, Anchorage police said.

Subsistence halibut fishing goes legal
ANCHORAGE (AP) - Subsistence halibut harvests from a centuries old fishery will soon be legal.

Catholic bishops issue pastoral letter on subsistence
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Alaska's Catholic bishops have issued a pastoral letter on subsistence that frames the debate in Catholic teachings.

House passes bill removing snowmachine license requirement
JUNEAU (AP) -- A bill that would eliminate the need for a license to drive a snowmachine passed the House on Wednesday.

Superintendent: No change in Anchorage high schools start times
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Anchorage high schools classes should continue to start at 7:30 a.m., said school district superintendent Carol Comeau.

Plan aims to make orphan oil pools viable
KENAI (AP) -- Spread out among the aging but still producing reservoirs of oil and natural gas beneath Cook Inlet lie pockets of product cut off from the main pools by geologic formations, according to available high-tech seismic data.

Caribou flourish on Kenai Peninsula
KENAI (AP) -- The caribou population in the Kenai Peninsula has expanded so much that game managers are liberalizing hunting rules to thin the herd.

House budget leaders pass supplemental spending plan
JUNEAU (AP) -- The House Finance Committee approved a supplemental spending plan on Wednesday that includes money for the state's tourism industry and past anti-terrorism expenses.

House approves supplemental spending bill
JUNEAU (AP) -- The House approved a supplemental spending bill to keep Medicaid funded for the rest of the year and pay debts from increased security after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Juneau man gets two years for sex crimes
JUNEAU (AP) -- A 21-year-old Juneau man has been sentenced to about 2 1/2 years in prison for two sexual assaults last year.

New car dealers' bill has fewer consumer protections
JUNEAU (AP) -- The House Finance Committee has stripped some consumer protection provisions from a car dealers' bill after hearing objections from the industry.

Teen-ager accused of attempted rape in Anchorage mall parking lot
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A man saved a woman who apparently was about to be sexually assaulted by a teen-age boy in the parking garage of a Downtown Anchorage shopping mall, police said Wednesday.

Minimum wage exception bill stalls in House Finance
JUNEAU (AP) -- A bill that would let remote seafood processors deduct room and board from workers' checks -- even if that drops their pay below minimum wage -- stalled Thursday in the House Finance Committee.

Fairbanks fuel tax supporters deliver petition signatures
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Supporters of a 2-cent-a-gallon fuel transfer tax initiative submitted more than 2,000 signatures Wednesday to the Fairbanks North Star Borough clerk.

Senate Finance takes up GARVEE bond proposal
JUNEAU (AP) -- Transportation Commissioner Joe Perkins sought help from some of his Lower 48 cohorts this week to fuel support in the Senate for a plan to jump start several major transportation projects here.

House passes bill removing snowmachine license requirement
JUNEAU (AP) -- A bill that would eliminate the need for a license to drive a snowmachine passed the House on Wednesday.

Haines man pleads guilty to criminally negligent homicide
JUNEAU (AP) -- A Haines man pleaded guilty Thursday to criminally negligent homicide in the beating death of his uncle last year.

Man convicted of trying to smuggle cocaine through Fairbanks airport
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A Los Angeles man charged with trying to smuggle nearly 4.5 pounds of cocaine through Fairbanks International Airport in January has been found guilty in federal court.

Union loses lawsuit over contract awarded to Alaska Native corporation
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A union argued unsuccessfully that its constitutional rights were violated when an Alaska Native corporation was awarded a $43 million defense contract, a District Court judge ruled in Washington, D.C.

Juneau man dead in plane crash
JUNEAU (AP) -- A pilot was killed after his Beechcraft airplane crashed into wetlands outside the Juneau International Airport on Wednesday, Alaska State Troopers said.

Anchorage man tried again for 1993 homicide
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- An Anchorage man whose murder conviction was overturned on appeal is being tried again for the same homicide.

Troopers out at Arctic Man competition
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Alaska State Troopers have assigned 14 troopers to make sure the crowd doesn't get out of hand at the 17th annual Arctic Man competition.

Two missing, presumed dead on Mount St. Elias
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Two climbers on Mount St. Elias are missing and presumed dead after they attempted to descend the mountain on skis, according to the National Park Service.

Couple found in burning home dead of murder-suicide
NOME (AP) -- Two bodies found in a burning home in Nome died in an apparent murder-suicide, Nome Police Chief Ralph Taylor said Thursday.

Phillies topple Braves
PHILADELPHIA -- Pat Burrell's two-run homer in the 11th inning lifted the Philadelphia Phillies to a 7-5 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday night.

Clemens sustains short-rest shellacking
TORONTO -- Roger Clemens struggled on short rest as a fill-in for Orlando Hernandez, allowing six runs in five innings as the New York Yankees lost 11-3 to the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday.

Tigers' terrible start stretches to 0-8
DETROIT -- The Detroit Tigers' losing streak stretched to eight -- their worst start in a half-century -- as Frank Thomas capped a five-run fifth inning with a three-run homer that led the Chicago White Sox to a 7-5 win Wednesday.

April is time to focus on teaching the nation's youth about money
NEW YORK (AP) -- Ask teen-agers where they get most of their information about finance, and the majority say it's from their parents.

Railroad technology phases out caboose
ANCHORAGE -- The end is near for the lowly caboose. That little boxcar linked to the back of a freight train, used primarily as an observation platform for railroaders, has been all but replaced by modern technology in the Lower 48.

Teamsters endorse Murkowski
ANCHORAGE -- The Alaska Teamsters on Friday endorsed Sen. Frank Murkowski in his bid for governor.

Last-minute tax tips
For those of you who still haven't filed yet... a little extra help

Wall Street rebounds on upbeat Sears outlook
NEW YORK -- An upbeat earnings outlook from retailer Sears, Roebuck lifted Wall Street out of its malaise Wednesday, sparking a broad rally across the market on hopes that profits are improving and that higher stock prices will prove justified.

OPEC not planning to replace Iraqi shortfall; Iran moderates stance
LONDON -- OPEC has no plans to pump more oil to replace the crude Iraq is withholding from the market, reasoning that the recent spike in oil prices will ease once violence between Israel and the Palestinians abates, the group's top official said Wednesday.

Sled dogs can turn your heart to mush
NORDEN, Calif. (AP) -- Real dogsledders, it turns out, don't say ''Mush! ''That's an old Hollywood thing,'' says Brian Maas as he steps onto the rear platform of his sled. ''We say 'Hike!' or 'Let's go!' -- anything but 'Mush!''

Sturgeon fisherman will use anything to capture the big fish
STOCKBRIDGE, Wis. (AP) -- Few folks can rival sturgeon fishermen when it comes to innovation. Given only a hole in the ice to work with, those fishermen have been known to use practically anything -- toilet seats, brightly colored toys, coffee mugs or Jell-O molds -- to draw the big fish out of the murky depths.

Gardeners thoughts turning to spring
Ice still glazes the side roads, and the morning mercury sinks below freezing, but spring has arrived -- on the calendar at least.

A dip in icy water may prepare a runner for a race
WASHINGTON (AP) -- An ice water bath may help distance runners prepare for a race, and researchers say it works best with a rectal thermometer.

Program uses Brazil's Afro religions to improve health among blacks
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) -- The pulsing rhythms of atabaque drums fill the temple, sending the guests spinning, clapping and singing the praises of Ossae (Oh-SY-eim), the Yoruban god of medicine and herbs.

Killey River, Twin Lakes caribou herds merge
Kenai Peninsula caribou numbers have grown so large that two herds that call the area home have become one, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Minnesotans raise red-and-white Irish setters for hunting
DULUTH, Minn. (AP) -- Good sounds float through the home of Bob and Evan Devlin these days. Micro-barks. Mini-growls. Soprano yips.

Nikiski artist finds painting a labor of love
For someone who has never had an art lesson in her life, Nikiski painter and carver Janet Varvais certainly knows what she's doing.

New book revisits the golden era of local kids' TV
NEW YORK -- You know who you are: a viewer of a certain age who grew up devoted to a cop, a clown, a sailor or a cowboy.

Art Briefs
Beer poems contest ends MondayWriters conference plannedPratt Museum enlists docentsVisual arts scholarships offered

What's Happening
Best BetsEvents and ExhibitsEntertainmentUpcoming EventsFilmsDown the RoadAnchorage Events

Television ratings up across the board for news on cable, broadcast
NEW YORK -- Both broadcast and cable news outlets are showing healthy ratings increases over last year, offering hope to networks that Sept. 11 may have gotten more people in the regular habit of watching news.

'Sweetest Thing' a lowbrow chick flick
Women now have a gross-out comedy of their own. "The Sweetest Thing," which opens Friday, proves that a lowbrow chick flick can be just as cretinous as a big dumb guy movie.

Actor will introduce new generation to Twain
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- God, according to that noted expert on the deity, Carl Reiner, hates talking to anyone wearing a tongue ring.

House passes bill removing snowmachine license requirement
JUNEAU -- A bill that would eliminate the need for a license to drive a snowmachine passed the House on Wednesday.

Senate panel takes up bill to build several prisons
JUNEAU (AP) -- A plan to expand the state's already overcrowded prison system garnered support from both community leaders and some lawmakers Wednesday.

House budget leaders pass supplemental spending plan
JUNEAU (AP) -- The House Finance Committee approved a supplemental spending plan on Wednesday that includes money for the state's tourism industry and past anti-terrorism expenses.

Point Standings
1. Sterling Marlin 1,0822. Matt Kenseth 1,0123. Jimmie Johnson 963

This Week's Race: VIRGINIA 500
Where and when

All-star race gets new rules
Driver Jeff Gordon is surrounded by the media as he talks about defending his title as winner of The Winston all-star race during a news conference at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., on Wednesday.

Race Schedule
Feb. 17 - Nov. 17, 2002

In the Spotlight: Jimmie Johnson
A short bio on your favorite NASCAR racers

Money Leaders
1. Ward Burton $1,949,0512. Elliott Sadler 1,415,8403. Sterling Marlin 1,353,016

Car owner hopes to learn from truck race
MARTINSVILLE, Va. -- Andy Petree's racing resume is impressive enough: two NASCAR Winston Cup Series championships as a crew chief and a pair of wins last year as a car owner.

Photo feature: Drive-through church
Workers from Raven Contractors thread a building that once housed the western peninsula's first Catholic church through the intersection of Forest Drive and the Kenai Spur Highway Friday.

Diversity keeps area economy fueled
The Kenai Peninsula's economy is not so bad off. And diversity is the reason.

Church program puts teacher back in class
Reading is fundamental. This is a general assumption made about many people's grasp of the English language. But the fundamentals of English are what one Soldotna church has set out to help some central Kenai Peninsula residents learn, with the help of a teacher who has been involved before.

Director finalists being reviewed
Kenai Peninsula College is in the final phase of selecting a new campus director. Four finalists are visiting the Kenai Peninsula this month to interview for the job.

Ninilchik moves toward community planning
Ninilchik residents are ready to get serious about community unity and development, was the message Monday at a community forum.

John Robinson
Soldotna resident John Robinson died Monday, April 8, 2002, in Nikiski. He was 51.

John William Robinson Jr.
Soldotna resident John William Robinson Jr. died Monday, April 8, 2002, in Nikiski. He was 51.

Letters to the Editor
Common sense should dictate best course of action for Kenai kings

Battle of the Books participants offer thanks to those who helpedCANstruction 2002 helped supply stocks of food for hungrySwing choir silent auction success from community businessesSkyview hoops boosters appreciate support for recent tournament

Letters to the Editor
Roads, schools too fragile to withstand more budget cuts

Special session cost makes subsistence solution more urgent
Here we go again. Like death, taxes and the annual return of swallows to San Juan Capistrano, a legislative "special" session is on tap again in Juneau. Once again, the focus will be on finding a solution to one of the state's most enduring and long-festering controversies -- subsistence.

Help exists for those burdened with depression or struggling with grief
This time last year, I went in reverse of the life spring is supposed to engender, entering my own sort of autumn from which I honestly feel I am just now beginning to surface.

Legislature should examine its own way of doing business
Alaskans have received quite a bit from their government over the years, especially since oil began flowing through the pipeline. We pay no personal state income tax. We enjoy some of the lowest taxes in the United States on gasoline, and only middling taxes on alcohol, given the mind-boggling expense that alcohol abuse creates in the state. The oil industry pays lower taxes than it pays in most regions of the world. At the same time every Alaskan gets a check just for living here.

Part II: Fighting the blaze in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge's Mystery Hills
In last week's column, I wrote about the events of June 28, 2001, when two lightning strikes ignited separate wildfires on the western slope of the Kenai Mountains, in the area of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge known as the Mystery Hills.

A puzzling plan
Editor's note: This is the second part in a three-part series about what recent events portend for the future of anglers, fishing guides and others for whom the Kenai River is key to their welfare.

Outdoor Briefs
Safari Club fund-raiser coming Black bear baiting permits available Troopers out at Arctic Man competition

A Rude Awakening
Editor's note: This is the first in a three-part series about what recent events portend for the future of anglers, fishing guides and others for whom the Kenai River is key to their welfare.

Around the Peninsula
District Democratic caucus scheduled Craft fair planned Developmental screening offered Eagles Auxiliary president to visit Kenai Homer seniors sponsoring Alzheimers workshop Customer service training seminars planned Estate planning seminar scheduled

Around the Peninsula
RC&D District to discuss slaughterhouseMeyer to speak at chamber todayNordic sports association meets todaySpace available for Young Writers' ConferenceGardening lectures wrap-upSpay-neuter clinic coming to SterlingState Parks recruiting summer employees

Photo feature: Gas bike?
While it might look like Mark Prouty has invented a propane-powered bicycle, he was really just towing the bottle to a Kenai gas station so it could be refilled Tuesday afternoon.

Speaker says divisions among Christians eroding their commitment to the poor
INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) -- Infighting among Christians has distracted religious leaders, preventing them from fulfilling their duty to help the poor, according to a speaker at the Community of Christ world conference.

Graffiti artists invited to ''tag'' new Sparks church
SPARKS, Nev. (AP) -- Members of a Sparks congregation weren't upset to find graffiti on the walls of their church this Easter.

Members of bishops' committee accused of shielding molesters
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Two of the five Roman Catholic bishops on the committee developing the church's national response to the sex abuse crisis are accused in lawsuits of helping protect priests who molested children.

Metropolitan Theodosius to retire as head of Orthodox Church in America
SYOSSET, N.Y. (AP) -- Citing health problems, Metropolitan Theodosius, primate of the Orthodox Church in America, has announced plans to retire in July after leading the church for 25 years.

Police clear Los Angeles cardinal of decades-old sex abuse claim by Fresno woman
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- Police said no witnesses or physical evidence could be found to support a mentally ill woman's allegation that Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony molested her.

Vandals desecrate Buddhist temple in North Carolina
LEXINGTON, N.C. (AP) -- Davidson County authorities plan to increase patrols around a Buddhist temple struck by vandals twice in a month.

Killey River, Twin Lakes caribou herds merge
Kenai Peninsula caribou numbers have grown so large that two herds that call the area home have become one, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Christian environmentalist praises God's handiwork
"I call myself a Christian environmentalist evangelist," Peter Illyn said.

Push for Ten Commandment displays gains momentum in South
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Charles Wysong believes God has stirred a fight in Tennessee.

Dalai Lama's personal choir on tour in North America
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Tibetan Buddhist monks stand over their just-completed artwork -- a gorgeous sand mural, painstakingly arranged color-by-color and grain-by-grain over three days.

Religion Briefs
Easter cantata to be performed Sunday Church to host kids carnival Clothing ministry closed in April

Evangelical Christians arrested on Mormon church's plaza
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Two protesters distributing Christian pamphlets were recently arrested on a stretch of Main Street that the Mormon church bought from the city to restrict protests and other activities there.

Off the beaten trail
Breaking up is not only hard to do. It can be hard to recreate in as well.

House passes bill removing snowmachine license requirement
JUNEAU (AP) -- A bill that would eliminate the need for a license to drive a snowmachine passed the House on Wednesday.

Cavs dump Bucks
CLEVELAND -- Wesley Person scored 23 points to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 106-81 victory Wednesday night over Milwaukee, extending the Bucks' road losing streak to 10 games.

Gems can still be found Sunday at NFL draft
NEW YORK -- The crowds at the NFL draft begin to thin out at the end of Saturday's first round.

Sports Briefs
Peninsula Relays canceled Senior All-Star Game set for Skyview Gonzalez chews gum before witnesses in Denver Washington coach Neuheisel facing NCAA probe Minnesota merging departments Floridas Torborg, Olsen suspended

Peninsula sweeps 1A-2A Coach, Player of Year titles
History repeated itself, and repeated itself, in the small-schools portion of the Daily News/Alaska Media All-State Basketball Team.

Sports Briefs
Police investigating Notre Dame football playersGumgate: Gonzo says he'll chew againGriffey healing quickly, could return in 3-6 weeks

Brodeur's shutout pushes New Jersey past Philadelphia
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Martin Brodeur stopped 22 shots, and John Madden scored with 10:42 to play to give the New Jersey Devils a 1-0 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night.

Nikiski's Cason signs with UAA
Nikiski senior middle hitter Mindy Cason singed a letter of intent Wednesday to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage this fall.

Woods sits three strokes back on longer, harder course at Augusta National
AUGUSTA, Ga. -- More than the golf course changed at the Masters.

Every step is ceremonial for 72-year-old Palmer
Arnold Palmer looked every bit of 72 trudging up and down the fairways Thursday at the new-and-improved Augusta National. Golf, like age, comes down to numbers and even for the King, the numbers won't lie.

A grand test at new-look Masters for golfers
AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) -- The hype over the Masters is no longer about the possibility of a grand slam.

Fairbanks biologists track sandhill cranes via satellite
FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) -- Once a week, Jason Caikoski sits down at his computer and tracks down his four sandhill cranes.

Colorado officials to test deer for fatal brain disease
CRAIG, Colo. (AP) -- State wildlife officials have fanned out across northwestern Colorado and are preparing to cull 300 wild deer to learn whether a fatal brain disease has spread.

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