Newspaper headlines mislead, help media distort the truth

Posted: Monday, April 12, 2004

I have a hard time believing the national news media is as anti-American as their editorials and headlines portray. Their headlines don't even come close to matching the subject matter of the article.

If a person would read through the headlines, they would find that nothing in the headline is relevant to the subject matter.

I have a strong belief in free speech, but when it comes to out-and-out lies, I think the printed press should be held to a higher standard of accuracy. Headlines are all the news that most people read, and these are certainly distorted.

As it was proven with Bill Clinton, when the Democrats were in the White House, it makes for more interesting news. It's just that the news the Democrats make is tabloid. I guess the press likes a soap opera! I would rather see a man take a risk, and do what is right for our freedom than cave to public pressure. We were the ones that were attacked on our home front.

Please don't short change yourselves, and just read the headlines. Read the whole story and make up your own mind. Even the national press finally gives most of the facts before the end of the article.

Rich Mondor


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