An open letter to journalists

Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's time to take the high ground.

The state of Alaska and Gov. Sarah Palin have many important issues on their respective plates. The price of oil has dropped and doesn't show signs of climbing any time soon, dramatically impacting the state's revenue stream. The Senate Finance Committee this week unveiled a pared down capital budget. Energy security continues to dominate the political conversation. Education funding, public safety -- the list of crucial issues affecting the state goes on.

Our focus as professional journalists needs to be on what our governor is or isn't doing to address these issues.

The fact that Levi Johnston feels slighted by the Palin family is not newsworthy. It is a personal issue, not a state issue. The line between journalism and sensationalism has become blurred. We as journalists need to clean up this fine line.

Covering personal issues is what talk shows and tabloids are for.

We appeal to your professionalism and ask that every journalist in the state of Alaska refocus their efforts on covering the job Sarah Palin is doing as governor, and not the job she is doing as a wife, parent and grandmother.

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