Will our oil pipeline ever be at full capacity?

Posted: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Research the subject of the Bakken oil discovery in North and South Dakota, Montana and Southern Canada. The Largest oil discovery in American history. You will find a flood of information that will shock you. Then you will begin to understand why Alaska can't compete with this oil discovery.

Why would a oil corporation drill for oil in Alaska when they can do it in the Lower 48 for much much less cost and triple the productivity?

What happens when our oil pipeline fails and is no longer productive? A mass exodus of people and jobs from Alaska that you may think is a good thing? The people who remain in Alaska will be taxed, taxed then taxed some more to keep our governments functioning, just like California.

Ask yourself the question: What is going to replace the oil pipeline? Every answer that I could consider would not even come close to replacing the oil pipeline.

Read about the Bakken oil discovery because this will determine the future of Alaska.

Steve Wright, Soldotna

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