New strategy likely needed to fix state's budget problem

Posted: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Legislature's attempts to fix the state's budget problem are going nowhere.

Gov. Murkowski is expecting to push forward a plan that looks doubtful, and the dream team may need a new play for its shortfall of cash.

Looking at some of the ideas:

The permanent fund, well, the word "permanent" means something to the people. No is our answer; don't even bring it up.

Taxes, well, small communities seem to pay taxes for the large. Anchorage should pay its share, I agree, on the sales tax.

On another note, we shouldn't be paying any more property tax for the school activities. The money is there; well, it was there. Recent court reports again showed $57,400 suspended in two days. This money could have been used for the school budget, along with the community service. We pay lots of money in our local area for parks, beaches, trash pickup, the dump etc. We shouldn't be digging deeper in our pockets for the failure of the system that needs adjustments. Impose full repayment or get something back through community work service.

Shawn O'Donnoghue, Kenai

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