State's ecosystems should not be destroyed for more money

Posted: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

For Alaska's future, I write this letter. As a graduate in natural resources, I've found myself a conservationist at heart. A lot of Alaskans are preservationists, wanting absolutely no change in Alaska's wild frontier. Gov. Frank Murkowski and his political party are exploiters, wanting to take from the wilderness for the pure purpose of money.

By taking out nature's top biologist, the wolf, they are trying to create fish in a barrel for the big game hunters and those subsistence living. There is no way we ever could take the place of the wolf. Our hunting is too biased, taking only trophy animals and weakening the herds.

It is clear that Murkowski's newly appointed gang is not acting soundly or scientifically in what it is doing. They are constantly trying to gain more state revenue by hunting and regulating the game animals for maximum yields.

As Barry Lopez said: "It does not demean men to want to be what they imagine the wolf to be, but it demeans them to kill the animal for it."

What's next a big game farming operation? If the state needs money that badly, it should ask for it, instead of destroying our balanced ecosystems.

We Alaskans should learn that we shouldn't always get what we want, but do what's right.

Jesse Ward , Cooper Landing

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