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Posted: Friday, April 14, 2006

Did you know that a person reaching the age of between age 75 and 80 will experience more than 39 million minutes in their life — more than 650,000 hours, more than 27,000 days?

With so great a number of moments in life, how many of those are genuinely pivotal in determining the direction of our future?

The fact is, only a small handful of incidents ultimately decide whether we will experience personal fulfillment or failure, or even life or death.

Think back over your life and discern the moments that directed the course of your life to this very moment.

It could have been a word someone spoke that made a difference for you. It could have been a positive or painful experience that set your direction.

The discovery of some knowledge, a relationship, a thought, being alone are all moments that shape us into the person we are today.

Make no mistake about it, moments play a powerful role in our lives.

One moment in time impacts our future in both collective and individual ways:

· The outcome of national or international conflict can be determined by a single moment;

· The split second of a natural disaster or accident can alter a life forever;

· The catastrophic incident happening to a child can decide the kind of adult they will become;

· The moment in which a single decision is made can govern the rest of your life.

Life is determined in small moments, and so is the case with all human history. It shouldn’t surprise us that how God deals with man also is determined on the basis of a few moments of time.

Worldwide, billions of people acknowledge Christmas. God stepped into the human arena in one moment of time and that moment divides our calendar — B.C. and A.D.

Suddenly, in a moment of time, God impacts the planet and everyone observes it.

People all over Earth at least understand a cross to be a sign of rescue or of mercy. Crying out, “It is finished,” (John 19:30) in that one moment of time provided the full provision of a finished forgiveness for every person’s sin.

On Easter, billions of people around the planet gather to acknowledge one moment in time when an earthquake shook and the stone rolled back disclosing that Jesus had risen from the dead. This moment in time changed all history.

We can only wonder and at best, guess at the moments that await us in the future.

For some, a moment awaits when they will find love, for others, a moment when their first child breathes his or her first breath.

Moments of uncertainty, moments of joy, moments of perplexity, moments of determination await us all. When and where, we can only wait to discover.

There is one moment that we know for certain awaits everyone: that moment when we will discover what is after this life.

The Christian faith believes our lives don’t stop at that moment. Our bodies do return to Earth, but the living, thinking part of us — our spirit — continues on.

That’s a moment to ponder ahead of time; it also is a moment to prepare for.

This week, as billions around the globe and many in our own communities will be observing Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, it might be a good time to give that ultimate future moment some consideration.

You are invited to attend a church or community of faith to hear a message of one of the most significant moments in human history and the impact it has on your life, now and forever.

It may be a moment that will change your life.

Stephen Brown is a minister at the Kenai New Life Assembly of God, 209 Princess St., Kenai.

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