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Posted: Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a Hazed Field of Vaporized Fumming Skies

By Olivia Velazquez-Alarcon

As it grows darker,

electrifying in her shivering bone,

ridicules them gloss-aged eyes,

she'll try to find you here and there,

but that's almost like asking you to be good for once,

and if you could be her dad again-,

but then again- where the hell have you been?

these days,

those days,

you free from the bared rooms yet?

you still wearing orange pajamas?

sporting the latest brand of handcuffs?

let's reel back that one time,

what gives you a right to say good-bye?

remember the good old times,

bagged cats,

pealed girls and frames,

because i don't lie,

worth all the sky,

i dream up on,

seductive ground i'll sleep on,

just another screen play.

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