Throwing money around not answer to borough’s problems

Posted: Monday, April 17, 2006

It is my belief and point of view that borough spending is out of control. They are spending our money, not theirs. The responsibility of fairness to all is not being performed.

Example: To correct overspending that the borough has done, the Mayor is focused on getting more funds by taking from the least able, the elderly and disabled, to satisfy the various special interests that keep wanting more public money. This does not solve the problem of the management of borough finances.

These folks, the elderly and disabled, usually have fixed incomes and are unable to increase that income, when faced with rising costs of living, i.e. heat, electric, food, medicine, health care, etc. They are put in a position of losing all security by losing their home, because they cannot pay the increased taxes. This is inconsiderate of those who have been parents, builders of our state and nation, and those who when we were young, helped provide for us, changing diapers, protecting and caring for us all. We owe it to them and ourselves to not put their security and lives in danger, such as a choice between food and medicine.

I believe the Mayor and the Borough Assembly have the responsibility to these people of this borough to stop overspending and certainly not look to the least able amongst us to feed this irresponsible management that has caused this problem. If they cannot or will not correct this problem without throwing more public money at making the problem bigger, I believe they should step down and the public should put those that can and will correct the problem in their place.

Ed Martin Sr.

Cooper Landing

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