Bake sale for schools better than infighting

Posted: Monday, April 17, 2006

I read with disdain how the Mayor is being called for censure and wonder what happened between his running for the position and taking the position. The word was when he was running that he would do a good job and listen to the will of the people and work with other entities and members of the community to push the area forward.

So far I don’t see it. I see him trying to force feed things like a sale tax hike, cutting teachers and classes, and of late fighting and mud slinging with the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers. What is next?

With all the issues coming out of the federal government and the ongoing infighting there I feel that we should be doing the right thing and seeking to work together with all parties Republican, Democrat or Independent. The people we as adults should be focused on most are the children and showing them that we as adults cannot do anything constructive but argue about how to do things and dismantle their schools is wrong.

The Mayor and school board should find a way to save the teaching jobs and do it with the cooperation of the people, maybe by talking to the state government or even go as far as to have a bake sale. It couldn’t hurt. Taking school opportunities from our kids will.

Move forward Mayor Williams, you asked for the job now make it work.

Dave Briscoe


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