Friday, April 17, 2009

Let the chips fall
There was a story this week that Republican senators were threatening to "go nuclear" and filibuster everything (as if they were not already doing that) if the Justice Department released the secret memos that the Bush administration had drafted to their own evil specifications to say that torture was OK.

Time to develop renewable energy
We must make the development of renewable energy on the Kenai Peninsula our primary goal at HEA. Renewable energy technologies now used at full commercial scale around the world are safe and reliable.

We must do what's right to repair damage
Just before leaving office, the Bush administration issued rules eviscerating the central consultation process of the Endangered Species Act; exempting greenhouse gas-emitting projects from regulation under the Act; and specifically banning federal agencies from protecting the polar bear from greenhouse gas emissions, the primary threat to its existence.

Reader expresses concerns about economy
As much as I would like to believe the economy is getting better, I feel like we are in for more of the same for a while. I think this pop is temporary and due to the feds fire-hosing everyone with money that's got their hand out.

Kenai to consider a control on public records
An attempt by the city of Kenai to set rigid controls for release and inspection of public records will have to wait at least another month.

Begich back in town
With foreclosures and unemployment increasing, and wages and production decreasing, Americans are reminded daily of the current economic recession.

Redoubt watch
According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory the eruption of Redoubt continues. Clear weather allows web cameras and satellites to view a vigorous steam plume, possibly containing minor ash, and rising up to 16,000 feet according to pilot reports. Low-level seismicity continues and a lava dome is growing in the vent. Plume conditions Thursday afternoon allowed views of the base of the north side of the dome.

Fish forecast looks gloomy
If salmon runs in the Kenai River are predicted to be slightly below average, does that mean anglers will have to keep their lines in the water for slightly longer than average too?

Lyle Tilford Grove
Former Soldotna resident Lyle Tilford Grove died Tuesday, March 17, 2009, in Phoenix. He was 81.

City's orders contradict right to speak out
Residents of Kenai's MAPS neighbor-

'Oasis in the desert': Kenai Community Library to host gardening program
As the Kenai Peninsula moves further into the warm weather months, many greenthumbs are starting to plan out what to plant in their gardens or around their homes, and the Kenai Community Library will host a program this weekend to encourage people to think about fauna as well as flora.

Old dog, new tricks
You can't rely on anything, anymore. Take the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." For years, I looked forward to the old-dog stage, when I would no longer have to learn new tricks. Imagine my disappointment upon entering the "Golden Years" to find that old dogs not only can learn new tricks, but are expected to do so.

Kenai Refuge youth leader sets fast pace through Mexico
I am a seasonal ranger and the Youth Conservation Corps Program Coordinator at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. I usually spend my off-season winters traveling -- either by foot, bicycle or motorcycle. This past winter I bicycled about 2,000 miles through Baja California and Southwestern Mexico.

Around the Peninsula

Canine Good Citizen test Sunday

Church Briefs

Community prayer in Nikiski

Easter means we haven't fouled out
The girl's skills were astounding on the court.

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