Murkowski budget team targets small businesses with message

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2003

On April 7, Gov. Frank Murkowski along with several units of his "Special Republican Guard" spearheaded by Cheryl Frasca, budget director, rolled out of Juneau on a mission to visit chambers of commerce statewide.

Cheryl Frasca, who in a previous life was a leader of that failed attempt in 1999 to take away our children's permanent fund dividend, spearheads this assault. Being a good Republican, having experience on the Vote Yes committee apparently made her imminently well qualified to be Murkowski's budget director.

The main target of this sortie is the local chamber folk. They hit these forums using public money, in an attempt to condition the thinking of local business people. Will small business owners swallow the line that taking the permanent fund dividend away from the people is going to be good for them, too?

Rumor has it that with the war winding down in Iraq, Gov. Murkowski has been actively seeking the services of "Baghdad Bob" to become his new director of misinformation. Baghdad Bob can lie with a straight face, and then laugh all the way to the west bank of the Tigris River.

The voters counteroffensive can be found at

For a full picture of our bloated government and solutions go to Push the buttons and study this user-friendly information source.

Bill and Samon Arnold, Super nonpartisan voters, Sterling

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