Reader backs current 'team' in Washington

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2008

Have you wondered why you are seeing negative news about our national leaders? The truth is the National Democratic Party wants control and will do anything to discredit our leaders to get it.

Their first step is making false charges that result in investigations. Their second step will be to pour millions of dollars into the campaigns of anyone who runs against Sens. Stevens and Murkowski or Congressman Young.

Sen. Stevens, in office since 1968, is the ranking Republican in the Senate. Congressman Young, in office since 1973, carries seniority in the House of Representatives. Both hold high positions on very powerful committees.

Sen. Murkowski is already vice chair of the Indian Affairs Committee and works exceptionally well with the other more senior representatives.

Other states are very envious of our delegation because they work so well together. The National Democratic Party will do anything to break up our "team."

Voters need to be aware that our Congressional team brings of millions of dollars to our state each year, which translates into many jobs.

Are we willing to risk the loss of those jobs and what that does to our local economy?

When you go to the polls to vote this year, consider this: Would Alaska be better off with someone in the Democratic Party that is new and has little political clout or a team that works well together, has brought hundreds of millions of dollars to the state, provided jobs for thousands of Alaskans and is capable of continuing to bring millions of dollars to our state of Alaska now and in the future?

Will Madison


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