Graduation: Look forward to the future, but don’t forget the past


Posted: Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life twists and turns, and is abundant with inconsistencies. Time holds the boundary between birth and death, and the only guarantee is an end for each beginning. It is what we do with the time we have that matters. As the beginning’s end draws near, the experiences and realities are made apparent. Readiness depends on what has been learned and how it is to be used.

Two quotes stand as a testament to the time I’ve spent in preparation for life. First, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it,” and second, “Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, the second being stupidity.”

In a little over a month, seniors will walk down an aisle of peers, friends, family and stran-gers, and up-on the other side become full citizens and equals of all that look on. Many strange and twisted paths have led to that aisle, and none straight and narrow as that singular one stands to be. This twining of strings has another perception, secluded and underdeveloped. Through experience, I have learned what I seek from life and how to achieve it. The glory and completion of years of work for a piece of paper are different for others who must look on and never come to be in the aisle for themselves, and the sweet fruit is never to be tasted.

Time draws closer to the definitive date. Prom already having passed, a single hurdle remains. Seniors worldwide stand ready with their years of work behind them. I among them am on the precipice wondering in amazement at what to expect. I remember the lessons I have learned, and the experiences behind me. I remember the joys and trials, and the defeats and successes, all leading to the moment broaching near. I prepare, ready for this moment, and still waiting for it to occur. Only a few bends in the path ahead and all the side paths seem to melt into the glorious background. For once, the straight and narrow is above the road less taken. The tree bears fruit, and the flowers bloom. The path leads on!

A rest for tired feet greets the graduates, if only for a while before the journey must continue. Reality then dawns upon the world and life bears the truth of the matter. College bound, or military, every decision can have a profound effect. Responsibility, or a lack thereof, will determine an outcome. An easy passage, or a rocky road ahead, adhere to beliefs instilled, the experiences gained, and trust only in an uncertain future. Maturity and the past will determine what happens.

To all the seniors prepared for the path that has been at the end for years, congratulations, the end to the beginning is near. Life begins in a few short weeks and I wonder if any one person could be prepared for it. Stand tall and let the ground be soft along the path being forged. The journey is long, and the rewards worth taking. Devotion to a greater cause, and putting forth all the effort contained will go a long way in the end.

Never forget the past, and always remember, perception is what defines reality.

J.M. Revis is a senior at Skyview High School.

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