Scott Davis contributes his hair to the cause

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A dedicated group of family, friends, and community members turned out last week at the Peninsula Grace Brethren Church on K-Beach Rd, for a cancer fighting benefit for Crystal Sholin.

Sholin, a young woman under 40 who had regular check ups, had no family history of cancer and wasn't considered a high risk said she was on vacation in Florida two years ago when she happened to notice an indentation, not a lump, in her right breast. "I was hysterical at first, but an hour later after relaying the message with my husband to my Dad, I was fine and able to kind of put it on the back burner and get on with my life telling myself that I'd be okay and that I was going to make it," said Crystal, who has since undergone breast lumpectomy, a double mastectomy, and 6 month series of radiation and chemotherapy for which she had to fly to Seattle for every two weeks. The primary message Crystal wants to pass along is for women not to be fooled into believing that cancer is a hereditary disease, but to get exams and mammograms as early as 18.

To increase cancer awareness and to raise some funds for Crystal's battle with cancer, a pizza feed and innovative auction was organized by friends of the Sholin's last week. Six time Iron Dog snow machine racing champion Scott Davis literally put his head on the auction block and offered the highest bidder a pair of clippers to shave his head. "We just wanted to help people become more aware of cancer and help out some of our friends that are having a tough go of it," said Davis. Auctioneer & Pastor Allen Humphries, of the Church of God in Soldotna, got the bid up to $130 from Dr. Robert Bauder before calling out "Sold." The fun then began as Scott took the head shaving seat and Dr. Bauder, a dentist, did his first hair cut on a live patient, "I don't remember this in medical school, but I don't think we cut the cadavers hair," Bauder told the perspiring Iron Dog veteran. Crystal's husband also sold his hair to keep the "look-a-like style" going in the family.

Donations to benefit Crystal Sholin's battle with cancer may still be made at Credit Union One in Soldotna, or by calling Regina Davis at Davis Block in Soldotna.

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