Reader: It’s a tough world

Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kevin R. Smith wrote a beautiful article (Clarion Opinion, April 11) if we were living in the Middle Ages; but we are not. There are any number of multimillionaires living on the Kenai Peninsula who do not pay one cent in property taxes. Do you qualify? They use all the borough services the same as the people do who would not pay taxes until after the 200,000 exemption if enacted

There is one thing that I notice is never mentioned and that is entitlements, health benefits and retirement for teachers and government workers who opted out of Social Security. The cost of these programs go up every time there is a pay raise or cost of living increase. Please give some facts on these expenses.

Almost everything that the borough needs money for has been voted for by the taxpayers. It’s a tough old world and not going to improve soon.

Paul D. Morrison


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