Spring is in the air at Poppy Lane Flowers

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"A hobby gone wild!" is how Lee Aley describes his "growing" greenhouse business. "We started I guess somewhere around 1994 as a little hobby and its just grown and grown since then and I guess that's good when you're in the growing business," laughed Aley who along with his wife Carol and son Jeff, were very busy playing in the dirt at their Poppy Lane Flowers greenhouse last week. Customers say that Lee and Carol place an emphasis on educating the gardener as much as helping people create beautiful environments and that's why they return year after year. "We try to tell them to plant the plants with the roots down and the stems up and for the most part the plants will take off if you give them a little water," laughs Lee.

Jeff says he inherited his sense of humor from both his mom and dad but is glad to be carrying on the family tradition at Poppy Lane. "Definitely a mix from them both as anyone who knows them will tell you, but it really is a lot of fun being able to work with mom and dad," said Jeff, "As anyone knows who works outside it can be cold this time of year so to be in here where it's really warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt working with mom and dad where I can bring my kids here too makes it just a really fun and great place to work," he added. "It's a pretty fast pace going on in here this time of year but we have so much fun we've even had some folks offer to pay us if they can come and help us work this time of year," said Carol as she delicately placed each new sprout in its own starting pot.

The Aley's already have one unit filled with pre-sold hanging baskets and say a lot of folks are already coming by for some plants they can let start in their windows. "We do quite a bit of pre-order business where we take people's orders from January on, for what they want in their hanging baskets and then we hold them for them until June first when they can put them outside and they are already in heavy bloom," said Lee. Poppy Lane Greenhouse offers a wide selection of flowers and plants, fun, and good humor. So put your t-shirt and shorts on under your parka and head out K-Beach Rd. to Poppy Lane then turn toward KPC and drive until you see the Poppy Lane Flowers sign right next the Alaska Christian College, or call 262-7829 to experience what spring can really feel like in Alaska.

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