Rep. Seaton wrong; public does understand House Bill 11

Posted: Monday, April 21, 2003

The House of Representatives it appears wants to solve the over-spending problem (deficit) by throwing more money at the problem our money, the people's money. It won't bother them a bit because it's yours, not theirs!

They won't listen to the people when they say don't touch the permanent fund dividend without our vote! Eighty-three percent of Alaskans indicated that Sept. 14, 1999.

An update from Juneau by Rep. Paul Seaton says, "The impact on your PFD will be negligible. ... HB 11 would produce more than $40 million a year for the next 10 years."

Maybe I am stupid and have no IQ, but I interpret that as $40 million that will not be deposited in the permanent fund which effects our dividend and that the Alaska voters should make those decisions, not the Legislature.

This is not a "public misconception," Mr. Seaton. I believe you have not listened to the people's vote of Sept. 14, 1999.

I suggest you read House Joint Resolution 3 and support the people's will by voting to pass it as it requires our vote before a penny can be raided for other purposes.

You then will be truly representative.

Ed Martin Sr., Soldotna

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