Why not blame fewer visitors to peninsula on fear of terrorists?

Posted: Monday, April 21, 2003

"My oldest brother was drafted and served in Vietnam and, although I was very young, I saw the effect the anti-war protesters had on him. It wasn't pretty and he still suffers to this day because of the lack of support and outright hatred that was directed at him for doing his job and fighting for freedom at the tender age of 18 years old. My parents never really got their son back, and I never really ever got my big brother back. I lay a lot of the burden for that on the anti-war protesters." (From the Peninsula Clarion Letters to the Editor, April 14)

Why would you print this? In the paragraph above, Helen Hunt blames anti-war protesters on her brother's suffering. Using this same logic, I blame the reduction in Kenai Peninsula tourism on Hunt's reactionary fear about terrorists. As she says, "Alaskans are not safe from terrorists."

Printing Hunt's letter ruins the image one might have had that the Kenai Peninsula harbors any intellect. Next time I see Hunt in public, in this climate of bad messages, I might greet her with a bucket of water. After all, "if a real Alaskan can't take getting a little wet, then maybe they are not real Alaskans."

Eric Rolph, Boston and Soldotna

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