Tax exemption should be established for all residents

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has two classes of senior citizens and disabled veterans when it comes to the state mandated $150,000 property tax.

Those living inside of the peninsula cities are capped at the state mandated $150,000 tax exemption, while those living outside of the cities have an unlimited tax exemption. This is wrong and discriminatory. For more than 12 years, I have requested the borough assembly to level the playing field to no avail. Why has the borough given the noncity-dwellers this excessive tax break?

The uncollected tax because of the unlimited exemption is close to $1 million. Because of the uncollected tax, everyone in the borough makes up this shortfall by paying excess taxes to cover raising present ones. The uncollected property tax covered by the unlimited exemption for seniors and disabled veterans would go a long way in covering the shortfall.

The old sob story of the poor homesteader has been worn out and is no longer valid. If an individual was truly unable to pay taxes, add a provision that the tax could be held in abeyance until the property changes hands or is sold. It would then become due. This way he would not lose his residence or land.

Every property taxpayer in the borough should be up in arms and contact their assembly members to demand that a $150,000 tax cap exemption be established for all borough residents.

Roy E. Hoyt Jr., Homer

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