Time for peninsula attitudes to change

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2005

At the last meeting, I thought I heard somebody ask if we thought that if somebody was to build a million dollar home and they were a senior should they be exempt?

You better believe I think they should be exempt. Because if they had enough money to build a million dollar home, they would have to hire a lot of people to build that home. They would also have the money to hire a maid, a yard man — maybe even a chauffeur.

More than likely, every other year they would buy a new automobile and someone would get a commission from selling the automobile, then dadgum if they wouldn't have to hire somebody to service that auto, not counting keeping it clean. Because I am sure the millionaire homeowner would not be driving around in a dirty automobile or two.

I suppose we will have to pass a law to keep them from having a phone and computer, because heaven forbid we can't let them communicate with anybody outside Alaska. They might tell somebody how beautiful Alaska is, then somebody might come to see and spend some money.

Above all, we don't want a bunch of filthy old rich people coming up here spending a lot of money, because if they did, somebody might have to get off of the welfare rolls and go to work. We sure don't want that to happen, because we might have to lay off some politician's kinfolks who's working in the welfare department or some ex-politician who was voted out of office. Then they would have to get a job and go to work for a living — provided they could not live on their state retirement, and they give up their double-dipping.

No, let's keep them filthy old rich folks in Arizona so they can spend their money where Alaska spends its money on the prisoners.

What gets me is that some of them filthy old rich folks might know something that would benefit the state. If they are millionaires, they are sure not dummies. They might even know somebody who would want to invest some of their millions in Alaska.

There are some people who do need to get rid of their negative attitude and develop a more positive one toward the development of Alaska.

With the unemployment rate on the Kenai, something needs to be done.

The way some people think, they try to do everything possible to keep from improving Alaska.

Charles A. Short, Kenai

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