Mayor's actions refreshing

Posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Referring to your article (Clarion, April 19) about Mayor Micciche, personally I find it a bit refreshing to find a politician who will put his name on the line to bring on public awareness. In the radio ads I hear, he says he is willing to pay for the recognition of other public employees at his own expense.

If it is self-serving, so-be-it. That's what politicians do isn't it? For one thing, you show me a politician who is willing to spend his own money for recognition, not someone else's, and I'll vote for him every time. It isn't like the Mayor is going to send anyone to Hawaii or Disneyland either. He simply said he would pay for, at his own expense, a thank you and recognition ad. It seems some would rather he dip from the city coffers to pay for the ads.

And what's wrong with a little awareness of our public employees? For one, I appreciate being reminded that public employees indeed work for and represent us, the public, and should be recognized or reprimanded as occasion permits.

For my part, keep up the good work Mayor Micciche and, way to go Borough Mayor Carey, pay those people what they're worth cause if they aren't worth it, neither are others who perform the same job.

William Jackson Sr.


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