Get out and complain about the noise

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2011

This coming Saturday morning a meeting is planned to include citizens input at the Kenai Senior Citizens Center. One of the big issues to be discussed will be noise from motor cross and stock cars operating at our Twin Cities Raceway. This promises to be a very contentious topic.

The overwhelming feeling of homeowners in the area is concern for the diminution of property value, even on the future sale or listing of property in the area. As real estate agents caution prospective buyers in the area that future sale of this property could be hindered or rendered less attractive due noise from the track. It seems the homeowners insist this action violates current laws on the books that declare this type of devaluing property to be illegal! Fact is allowing anything under your control to cause harm or damage to anyone's enjoyment of the legal use of their property incurs liability! Yes that is correct, the City of Kenai knows this and is in a struggle with the Borough over KPB Ord.# 2010-36. You see the KPBA thinks it's cool to lease this track area to the Twin Cities Racing Lions for a motor cross track. They are trying to franchise this activity for 30 years at the price of $1 a year. Of course that is not to mention local home and business owners concern for diminution of their property rights and use.

The vital zone of a recognized nuisance level from this noise hazard is 5,000 feet. That encompasses most of Thompson Park and Valhalla Heights as well as businesses and homes along the Spur Highway and Beaver Loop. Things like the $200,000 spent last year on culvert, ditch, and roadway repair within the Borough due ATV and motor cross activity may get discussed. Did you know the City of Palmer has a speed limit of 10 miles per hour on ATV and motor cross traffic within the city limits! They also have a very restrictive curfew. From 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. no late night rides or early bird rides unless it's a real emergency. If you have anything to add to this list of concerns, get of the couch and come. This could be your only chance to voice your concerns. Don't waste this chance to at least come and support your local neighbors efforts to deal with this local problem.

Dennis Barnard, Kenai

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