Unocal: Borough's biggest taxpayer

Posted: Saturday, April 22, 2000

Kenai Peninsula Borough officials say Unocal is by far the borough's biggest payer of property taxes.

Jeff Sinz, borough finance director, said the company's Alaska Nitrogen Products plant in Nikiski was assessed at $215.7 million last year. That represents 6.5 percent of total taxable assessed value in the borough. The plant paid $2.67 million in property taxes, 7.4 percent of the boroughwide total.

Including its oil and gas business, total Unocal assets were valued at $467.4 million in 1999, or 14.1 percent of the borough's total assessed value. Unocal's combined agricultural and oil and gas businesses paid $5.8 million in property taxes, roughly 16.1 percent of total property tax revenues.

Unocal's share of property taxes is higher than its share of the borough's total taxable assessed value because taxes in Nikiski are higher than the borough average.

Last year, Unocal's Alaska Nitrogen Products plant in Nikiski produced 1.2 million short tons of ammonia, said Unocal spokeswoman Roxanne Sinz. It used about half of that to produce 920,000 tons of urea.

ANP now employs roughly 278 Unocal employees and 42 contract workers from other companies.

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