The Easter rat: Humans aren't the only ones who like chocolate

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2002

Have you ever heard the story of the Easter rat?

Well then, I bet I can tell you about the best version you will ever hear. Here is how it goes:

Once, not too long after Easter, my 7-year-old sister, Freya, and I received a package from our grandparents. Inside was a bunch of Easter grass, and hidden within the grass were many little foil-wrapped chocolate candies. Of course, like many siblings would, we split the candies exactly in half.

Freya placed her candies in her Easter basket, which she left sitting on the floor in our bedroom. I hid mine way up high on the shelf so nobody could reach them.

That night we had finished practicing our violins and Freya had gone to get ready for bed. Suddenly I heard Freya cry from our bedroom, "My candy is all gone!"

Quickly I rushed to our room and saw her sitting there on the floor frantically looking all around.

When she saw me she shouted, "Maya, where did you put my candy?"

"I, I, I didn't put it anywhere!" I stuttered.

Truly, I had no idea where Freya's candy had gone.

Just then my mom called, "Freya, your rat is loose."

The rat is Freya's pet. Her name is Clover, and everyone in our family knows where she goes when she gets out -- straight to Freya's middle desk drawer.

Freya, getting more frustrated every second, went to the desk. When she opened the drawer, there was Clover sitting at the bottom surrounded by chocolate eggs, chicks and bunnies, some of them already unwrapped and nibbled.

At first, Freya started crying, but soon she started laughing. We all joined with her, and the story spread throughout the house. I even think my hamster knew, for she started jumping around with a broad grin on her baby face.

Well, that's the story of the Easter rat. It just goes to show how smart rats can be, even though they are so small.

Maya Don Chay of Kenai is a 4-H'er who attends fifth grade at Aurora Borealis Charter School.P>

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