Millipedes as pets

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2002

We are an animal-loving family and have lots of pets.

We would choose a more exotic pet over your every day dog or cat, although we have some of those, too.

One day my dad came home with a giant African millipede, an extremely exotic pet.

I am in the Homer 4-H club and have been learning about it for a 4-H project.

Millipedes can grow to 11 or 12 inches long and live up to eight years or more. Millipedes typically have 100 to 200 legs, although one species has been known to have more than 700.

My giant African millipede has more than 250 legs. Unlike centipedes, which can deliver a very painful bite, millipedes are perfectly harmless.

In my opinion, millipedes are one of the easiest pets to take care of. They don't take up much room. They are not expensive to take care of.

You don't need any special equipment. Get some soil, put it in a plastic tank, keep the soil damp, feed it zucchini, cucumber and lettuce. Your millipede should do just fine.

Why don't you get a millipede and see how you like it.

Emerson Quarton lives in Homer and is an active member in 4-H.

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