Smokers pay more than their fair share into the system

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2004

If people would read Mr. Stinson's letter to the editor closely, they would find that he has a government mentality. Mr. Stinson, you try and make it sound like you are against an increased cost to smokers, through sin taxes.You seem to blame the tobacco growers, not us that smoke. You are sure off base; if we didn't buy it, they wouldn't sell it! We smoke because we enjoy it.

I really have to take issue with the figures you have mentioned, about the cost to the state for us smokers. (I am not sure how to figure in the cost of crud, though.)

Most smokers have more than paid for any additional medical cost because of their shorter life spans. We smokers have always paid the "sin tax," since we started smoking 30 or so years ago.

I know it has paid for more than what I will ever cost the system. If anyone can really accuse me of costing the system more than I have paid in, I would sure love to differ. It's just too easy to pass a sin tax onto us that seem to do things that others don't approve of. Tax us, not their mentality.

Anyone who really follows how the government receives taxes and spends money will have to see that all the revenue from cigarette taxes goes into the general fund. So, I suggest, we should have a separate account, that way we can have figures that are realistic.

I have to wonder why we have to explain ourselves, as smokers. We are good people and should not be made to seem like second-class citizens who are a money drain on the American taxpayers. We sure aren't. We have certainly paid more than our fair share!

Rich Mondor


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