Letter's intent was about flying Old Glory with respect

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2004

In response to: "Letter seen as personal attack on those serving in Iraq"

Let me get this straight: By brining to your attention that the U.S. flag was flying in the dark at McDonald's restaurant, waiting over a month for some sign of corrective action and then writing a letter to the editor when no corrective action was taken, I am now attacking all those serving in Iraq?

Noting could be further from the truth as I'm sure all the readers would agree.

You questioned whether I was courteous as well. When I called you I said, "Are you aware that the U.S. flag is flying in the dark when McDonald's closes each night?" What was discourteous about that?

You know what refreshing is? Refreshing is when someone becomes aware of a mistake, takes corrective action and apologizes. Then there is the other response: Attack the person who bought the mistake to light and try to convince everyone and yourself that you are a victim.

My uncle was killed in action, my father was shot in the shoulder, one of my brothers was wounded with shrapnel, one of my sisters and five of my brothers served in the U.S. military and, yes, I served in the U.S. military as well. Today I'm a disabled veteran. So don't lecture me on honor, duty, service and sacrifice for our country.

I am proud of your son and all our women and men in uniform, and I pray that they all come home safely. This was not about our fine women and men serving in the military. This was about flying the U.S. flag with respect.

Tim Lohmer


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