Money needs to be spread around

Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remarkable is all that can be said about the lack of rural participation in the stimulus money being gobbled up by Anchorage.

The one thing that would most help our state economy is a road to Bristol Bay. Yeah, go right through the Lake Clark National, Jimmy Carter Rip Off, or through Merril Pass and have the road go to McGrath then south.

We built a road through the Everglades, so it is environmentally possible. The Alaskan population is very easily trained where and where not to hunt through regulations, so nobody could say it would devastate the wildlife.

It is a financial and social disaster to continue the isolation policy being passively enforced on our rural Native population. The vast amounts of state lands selected in the Bristol Bay region along with the huge Native holdings have been placed off limits.

The only barrier to sustainable growth and prosperity is the lack of a highway link to the world.

What happened to the old days when every time a road was built the people somehow invented and built commerce. We are talking good old American and Alaskan ingenuity on a scale that hasn't been seen since the pipeline.

Our current policy has left our Native children destitute for a future they can claim as their own. Some of our brightest and most promising talents are going unchallenged and unrewarded.

I would be happy to see all future PFD and stimulus money spent on a road to Bristol Bay until it is completed. Our current roadless policy is cheating our state and our nation of any contributions our Native population could make. But most of all these policies shouldn't be allowed to cheat another generation of prosperity.

Dennis Barnard


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