Reader unhappy with governor's performance

Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There was a time, not very long ago, I was a big champion of Sarah Palin. I'm a Democrat and a lifelong Alaskan. She appeared to be a breath of fresh air for Alaska, one that seemed much needed in the wake of the trampling done by Frank Murkowski. But, sooner or later, the dawn comes.

For me, it was her acceptance of the tap of John McCain as his VP pick. Not that he picked her, but her acceptance, barely two years into all the work still needing to be done in Alaska.

I can't think of a politician who has disappointed me more (and I usually cast a pretty jaundiced eye on any of them). Then followed the debacle of this family values governor parading her family on the national stage, dragging them from place to place, putting the spotlight on them and then blaming the media for reacting, exactly as she continues to blame the media for every single thing said about her when she is the one generating the attention.

Personally, if I didn't want media attention, I would not put myself or my family in the spotlight. Her words belie her actions, and continue to do so.

This latest complete idiocy with our Legislature simply points out her disconnection to Alaska. Had Sarah Palin appointed Beth Kertula to represent Juneau, in an act of graciousness (sometimes it's good to have your detractors thrown off course by being gracious), her appointment of Wayne Anthony Ross might have gone forward.

So, thank you, Sarah Palin, for awakening the sleeping giant. (And by the way, I can almost bet the "No" vote came after constituents contacted their legislators, not as the governor stated, that legislators did not vote the wishes of their districts.)

And much thanks to the Alaska Legislature for finally being fed up with shenanigans and smoke and mirrors the governor has been feeding them since the legislative session began.

Especially thanks to Tom Wagoner and Mike Chenault, and other Republicans who are smarter than the average bear. I was sorry to see Brent Johnson, a deserving candidate for the Board of Fish, caught up in the resounding flack, but the general animosity generated by the governor, the thumbs to the eyeballs rude behavior of Palin to our elected representatives, sooner or later was bound to get negative results.

I am embarrassed almost on a daily basis by this elected official. There are mavericks and there are childish temper-tantrum-throwing, ego-hungry bullies. I think the governor has misnamed herself, and falls into the latter category.

Marilyn Wheeless


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