Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mayor's actions refreshing
Referring to your article (Clarion, April 19) about Mayor Micciche, personally I find it a bit refreshing to find a politician who will put his name on the line to bring on public awareness. In the radio ads I hear, he says he is willing to pay for the recognition of other public employees at his own expense.

'Buy local' message getting out
Heads up folks, we've got a great bunch of teenagers living here! I know this because what seems like a billion of them trekked to my little log cabin in Sterling in search of the perfect prom dress, pair of shoes or flawlessly co-ordinated tuxedo. Mayor Micciche, you're message is getting out! You're not the only one that walks his talk and shops local. Our kids get it! And, they do so with respect and honesty.

Letter writer apologizes for incorrect information
It has been brought to my attention that I was very wrong (letter to the editor, April 16). The letter I wrote in reference to response time was wrong. I want to appologize to everyone that this hurt. I'm guessing the family was so upset that they were unarware of how things really where. Again, I am sorry.

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