Idea behind Longevity Bonus is to help seniors stay in state

Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Gov. Murkowski and present legislators:

Some of you may not have been in Alaska before it became a state. There were very few pension plans because most of the jobs were seasonal and, because of this, only Social Security was deducted. Therefore, there was only a little buildup of funds in Social Security for seniors to retire on.

Those people coming to Alaska 20 to 25 years ago worked under pension plans plus their Social Security.

Those who draw Longevity Bonus checks now have paid their dues to the state. They paid federal income tax, state income tax, school tax for education (which was not used for that purpose), voted on bond issues (roads and schools), supported their communities,volunteered many hours, held benefits for locals in their communities who were in need and never asked or expected welfare help.

In having a Longevity Bonus, the issue was to help our seniors stay in the state to be as independent as possible; they helped build Alaska.

Vern Jones

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